SoundGear Phantom

Hearing Protection And Enhancement at Your Fingertips

Previously, hunters, law enforcement, and musicians alike had to rely on separate hearing devices to both protect their hearing as well as enhance it. This required constant maintenance and purchasing of not only hearing aids but shooters plugs, custom molded ear plugs, and other hearing accessories. With the creation of the Soundgear Phantom, those with hearing loss are able to protect their remaining abilities without compromising on sound quality! The Phantom is perfect for everyday use, hunting, competitive shooting, law enforcement, construction, fitness, traveling, concerts, mechanics, and much more protection.

Advanced Noise Reduction Technology

The amount of sound that you are exposed to when using a firearm varies widely based on whether your are using the firearm or not. In a deer blind, a hunter can go from complete and utter silence, to a deafening 140 dB of sound in an instant! This can put a great deal of stress on your auditory systems and even lead you on the road to permanent hearing loss. The Soundgear Phantom accounts for the variance in sound and allows you to be able to protect your hearing with it’s algorithmic sound-dampening features.

Amplification When You Need It Most

The true beauty of the Soundgear Phantom lies in its ability to both enhance and dampen sound to simultaneously protect and amplify your hearing. Created with mild-to-moderate hearing loss users in mind, the Phantom can help you hear the little sounds that are critical in the field or in the shop. Using the deer blind example, it is critical for the protection of your hearing abilities to be able to protected when firing your weapon. But, it is also crucial to be able to hear those who are with you as well as the deer themselves. It would be difficult to pinpoint the moments that you need to switch between your shooter’s plugs and your hearing aids in these moments that any hunter knows can slip away in an instant.

In addition to the main features, the Soundgear Phantom also has the following capabilities:

Apple® and Android™ Connectivity

4 Preprogrammed Digital Memories for Different Listening Environments

Omni-Directional Microphones

Advanced Wind Noise Management

Custom Fitting To Your Ear and Hearing Loss Level

Surface Nanoshield Moisture and Wax Repellent

1 Year Worry-Free Repair Warranty

1 Year Warranty on Fit

FAQs About The Soundgear Phantom

One of our insurance specialists will verify your benefits, checking to see if your insurance will cover the cost.

On average 20 – 30 minutes.

One of our Hearing Care Professionals will examine your ear and ear canal with Video Otoscopy, allowing you to see your ear canal and ear drum. Then, utilizing state of the art technology, we will take an ear impression of each ear. Those ear impressions are overnighted to SoundGear where they will custom make the devices and overnight them back to us so we can properly fit you with them and teach your how to care for them. We will also connect them to your iPhone or Android phone.

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us!