Rick Schmeling, MS, CCC-A

Since 2004, Richard Schmeling has been serving the hard of hearing of the Coastal Bend community. Working with both pediatric and adult patients, he has helped many hearing-impaired and tinnitus patients reconnect back to their daily lives through the use of hearing instruments and diagnostic evaluations. He earned a Master of Science in Audiology from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and has been a practicing audiologist for 30 years.

Richard is a Board-Certified Audiologist who has served the Coastal Bend Area for the past 15 years in the hearing healthcare and audiology industries. His vast experience with diagnostic evaluations and hearing instrument manufacturers allows him to effectively evaluate and correctly program hearing instruments to work for his patients in their daily lives. He often tells his patients that “audiology is as much art as science and we use both to provide effective help for your hearing loss.”

His passions are audiology, helping those with hearing loss overcome their communication barriers and his family. He loves photography, movies and his two four legged, furry “children” (dogs).

Richard has a long history of dedication to the field of audiology and to the hearing-impaired community. He prides himself on bringing the best to his patients and colleagues every day. Experience this for yourself by scheduling your hearing test today!