Our  Services

Providing you with top quality care through your healthy hearing journey

At Hoffman Hearing Solutions we provide a range of services to help our patients with their hearing needs. Our dedicated and experienced hearing care professionals will work with you to help you find the perfect solution to your hearing loss.

Hearing Tests

Our vast range of tests conducted by our experienced professionals are used to help determine the cause of hearing loss, the severity of your loss, and ways to help protect your hearing for the future. Learn more about how a hearing test is conducted and what you can expect during your hearing test at Hoffman Hearing Solutions.

Tinnitus Mapping

Tinnitus is usually a symptom of a deeper neurological issue and is generally correlated with hearing loss. Due to the positive relationship between hearing loss and tinnitus we provide our patients with a comprehensive health history, audiometric testing, and work with you to help determine the best management option for your tinnitus. Learn more about how we can help you manage your tinnitus symptoms.