Millions are affected by hearing loss every day

Hearing loss occurs when there is an issue within the process of transmitting sound vibrations to the brain, and it does not only affect the person diagnosed, but it also affects their friends, family members, and coworkers. With hearing loss affecting more and more people each day, it’s important to know how the three types of hearing loss, and what can cause hearing loss.

What Are Some Causes:

Hearing loss can be caused by numerous factors and occurs when tiny hair cells within the ear become damaged. Once damage happens to these tiny cells, it is permanent and cannot be reversed. Some primary causes of hearing loss are:

• Exposure to loud noise for a prolonged period of time
• Aging
• Medication
• Illness


What Are the Different Types:

The type of hearing loss one has helps determine the type of hearing treatment they may need. There are three types of hearing loss:

Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL)
When the tiny cells within the cochlea are damaged, or happen to be missing, this can cause a permanent hearing loss known as sensorineural hearing loss. Typically the only solution to help with this type of hearing loss would be to be fit with hearing aids.

Conductive Hearing Loss (CHL)
This type of hearing loss is generally temporary and can be treated with medication or a simple procedure. Conductive hearing loss is caused by issues that may happen within the outer or middle part of the ear. A few examples are built-up wax, a tear within the eardrum, fluid in the ear, or damage to the tiny bones located in the middle ear.

Mixed Hearing Loss
Mixed hearing loss is as it sounds, it is a mixture of both conductive and sensorineural hearing loss. This type of hearing loss is generally treated by your ENT physician and followed up with the use of hearing aids.

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