The Signia Pure Charge&Go bring some amazing features to the table. They offer exceptional sound quality, direct streaming via bluetooth capabilities, and a simple charging solution so they can last with you all day long. If you live an active lifestyle and love to have a crystal clear sound experience every time, the Pure Charge&Go just might be for you!

A pair of beige Signia Pure Charge&Go Hearing Aids

Uncompromising Sound

These hearing devices offer an unmatched sound experience. Features such as the 3D classifier, help analyze and improve sound quality by enabling automatic adjustments in any listening environment. You can even manually adjust certain settings using the myControl app from your smartphone!

Direct Streaming Capabilities

On top of providing crystal clear sound, wearers are also able to stream audio directly to their hearing aids from any Apple device. This allows wearers to:

  • Listen to music being streamed straight to their hearing aids.
  • Stream phone calls directly to your hearing aids, which allows for phone conversations virtually anywhere in the house.
  • With the use of the StreamLine TV accessory, wearers are able to stream TV audio to their devices with ease.

    Charging Made Easy

    With a name like Pure Charge&Go, it’s no wonder these devices have one of the easiest charging solutions! Rechargeable hearing aids help eliminate the struggle and frustration that tiny batteries and small battery doors can bring forth. With the use of an inductive charging bay and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, this provides wearers with a quickly charging set of hearing aids with high quality sound that lasts with you all day long.

    With top performing sound quality, a user-friendly charging solution, and direct audio streaming, the Signia Pure Charge&Go offers wearers an amazing listening experience. If you would like to learn more about the Pure Charge&Go hearing aids give us a call today!