The ReSound LiNX Quattro is the world’s first premium-plus hearing aid. This revolutionary piece of technology has made a bold statement in the hearing aid industry. Combining advanced technology, crystal-clear sound quality, and a lasting battery solution, it’s no wonder there’s so much talk about these marvelous devices.
ReSound LiNX Quattro Black Hearing Aid

Offering a Brilliant Sound Experience

The LiNX Quattro offers wearers a chance to experience amazing sound quality through the use of the Layers of Sound™ processing technology. This advanced technology provides you with a richer, more clear, and full sound with the highest input dynamic range and extended high frequencies.
In addition to high-quality sound, the LiNX Quattro is one of the first hearing aids to have AI voice control partnered with Apple’s voice assistant, Siri. Having voice control integrated within the hearing aids allows wearers to speak simple commands to their hearing devices, such as: “Siri, turn down the volume in my right hearing aid.” Simple commands such as these open up a world of ease and convenience to the wearer. They’ll be able to switch between listening programs, adjust certain settings such as wind reduction, volume level, and directional microphone use.

All these advanced features are made possible with the use of an industry-leading chip platform that offers:

  • 2x more memory
  • 100% more speed
  • 35% increase in bandwidth

    Rechargeability at its Finest

    No more struggling with tiny battery doors and the short lifespan of disposable batteries. The ReSound LiNX Quattro’s are 100% rechargeable. With the use of their compact charger wearers are able to get up to 3 full charges on-the-go! The charger is user-friendly with reports showing that 90% of users were able to charge their hearing aids without the need for instructions! These hearing aids can last all day long to keep up with even the busiest of lifestyles. With one single charge they can last up to a full 24 hours, even while streaming 50% of the time.

    If you think the ReSound LiNX Quattro might just be the perfect solution for you, or you’re interested in learning more about these renown hearing devices, give us a call today!