Changing the Look of Hearing Aids

A Group of Signia Styletto Hearing Aids in 3 different color combinationsThe Signia Styletto has been designed to transform the image of hearing aids. With its sleek look and stylish appearance, the Styletto is bringing powerful luxury to the hearing aid industry. The Styletto is currently available in three color combinations:


Luxury aside, these hearing aids are packed with a powerful processing platform. The SigniaNx platform within these hearing devices opens up a world of amazing features to wearers. Some included features are:

Bluetooth Capability

The Styletto comes in two models, Styletto and Styletto Connect. The Styletto Connect offers the wearer the same incredible features as the preceding model but allows for direct audio streaming through Bluetooth. Direct stream all phone calls and music from your smartphone directly to your hearing aids.

Crips Clear Sound Quality

First-time hearing aid wearers may realize that when wearing a hearing device their own voice may not sound as natural as before, with Signia’s Own Voice Processing technology this all changes. Signia’s Own Voice Processing (OVP™) technology helps wearers perceive their own voice naturally within conversations, so you can experience seamless everyday conversations with your own natural sounding voice.

Tinnitus Relief

The Styletto offers three various sound methods to help alleviate tinnitus symptoms. This type of tinnitus management combines hearing aids and sound therapy, both effective methods of tinnitus relief. One of the soundscapes used within the Styletto is called Notch Therapy. Notch Therapy is used to bring relief to those suffering from tonal tinnitus enabling for an effortless listening experience every time.

Rechargeability, Convenience, Ease

Portable, user-friendly rechargeability is just another amazing feature the Styletto offers. These hearing aids are able to last with you all day long with just a single charge! To recharge simply place them within the charging case that comes with the hearing devices. This portable charging case includes 3 full charges, a 30-minute fast-charge option, and allows for a full charge in just 3 hours.

Ask your audiologist about the Signia Styletto during your next hearing test!