Truly Love at First Sound

White Phonak Audeo Marvel Hearing AidWe’ve all heard about “love at first sight.” But, have you ever considered love at first sound? Well, with the new Phonak Audeo Marvel, you might just experience this phenomenon. Offering a high-class hearing experience, the Audeo Marvel has truly set the bar for hearing aid technology. This device has even received the innovation honoree award for CES 2019 in the Accessibility category, a huge accomplishment for this product line.
Not only have they been recognized for awards, the technology in the Marvel hearing aids are unmatched. With the ability to connect directly to any Bluetooth™ device and support binaural direct streaming from IOS and Android systems, these hearing aids have set the new standard in hearing healthcare. This allows for wearers to be able to connect directly to any tablet, iPhone, smartphone, iPad, or even Alexa!

Automatic Adjustments

With the various listening environments we find ourselves in daily, switching programs and constantly making adjustments can be an annoyance for the wearer. These Marvel hearing aids have been specifically designed to help seamlessly and automatically adjust to different listening environments with the use of AutoSense OS 3.0 and Binaural VoiceStream Technology™. This technology also allows for crystal clear sounds streamed directly to both ears, resulting in better speech comprehension. The Phonak Audeo Marvel provides wearers with top-notch sound quality combined with binaural streaming which equals an effortless listening solution.

Rechargeable Friendly Option

The Phonak Audeo Marvel comes fully equipped and packs a powerful charge with the use of an innovative Lithium-ion battery. This enables wearers to get a full days use, even when direct streaming audio to their hearing aids, and provides a longer lasting battery solution. Including a Mini Charger Case, these Phonak rechargeable hearing aids are user-friendly and can keep up with you all day.
If you love easy rechargeability and effortless high-quality sound, then the Phonak Audéo™ Marvel might be the perfect Hoffman hearing solution for you! Schedule an appointment today to discuss what the Phonak Audeo Marvel can do for you!